We are very excited to share with you this week some of the new projects we are working on. We are partnering up with Dr. Brodsky and Dr. Martin on a new podcast where we will be reviewing neonatology board review questions every day of the week. You can find a link to this new show down below. First episode will be airing Jan 3rd 2022! To kick off this new project we will be giving away an autographed set of Brodsky and Martin books to help you review for boards. See below for details on how to enter the raffle.

We are also excited to announce a few more giveaways to express how grateful we are for our amazing audience. You can enter to win a copy of Dr. Perri Klass's book, Dr. Ben Rattray's Book, Dawn Raffel's book and our big prize: a 2021 11in Ipad Pro. Check out details below on how to enter the giveaway.

Thanks again for your support. Happy holidays. Ben and Daphna

The Incubator end of year giveaway includes books and an 2021 11in iPad Pro. Rules are:

  1. Look out for a tweet (https://twitter.com/nicupodcast or @nicupodcast) announcing the giveaway
  2. Like the tweet
  3. Quote retweet and tag @nicupodcast and a friend of yours
  4. And that's all - you're entered in the raffle

The Incubator & Neonatology Review podcast will air its first episode on Jan 3rd and there is a set of signed Brodsky & Martin books to be won. Rules of that giveaway are:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-incubator-neonatology-review/id1601661028 or https://open.spotify.com/show/1tgViDf3hQF8T9olGQ5wWi?si=8041cf82bc4f4380
  2. Look out for a tweet on 12/29 announcing the new podcast coming from @nicupodcast on Twitter
  3. Like the tweet
  4. Quote retweet and tag @nicupodcast and a friend of yours
  5. And that's all - you're entered in the raffle
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As always, feel free to send us questions, comments or suggestions to our email: nicupodcast@gmail.com. You can also contact the show through instagram or twitter, @nicupodcast. Or contact Ben and Daphna directly via their twitter profiles: @drnicu and @doctordaphnamd. Papers discussed in today's episode are listed and timestamped below.


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